Our articles concern a diverse range of academic topics and disciplines: from violence to the scientific method, from psychiatry to gay marriage, and so much more. They are bound by a common desire to interrogate, unpick and challenge the status quo.




News Commentary 

The theories and ideas discussed in our posts are frequently applicable to contemporary events, movements and happenings. We thus regularly publish news commentary with an academic flare: applying the abstract to the everyday.



africa-290434_640Field Work Diaries

An important part of academic research, for many, is the immersing of oneself into new worlds – sometimes strange, sometimes far afield, sometimes close by and familiar. Our writers share their exciting and thought provoking experiences.



NowPlayingwithGeorgeNow Playing with George Ligon  

In this weekly addition to IANS, columnist George Ligon uses political and philosophical theories to review movies new and old. On occasion, he will be joined by other committed movie goers with a penchant for leftfield reviewing techniques!









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